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All our livestock is pasture raised and free from of eating a species appropriate diet, of being truly free range in nature and expressing their natural instincts. This leads to healthier and happier animals which is then shown in improved nutrient composition of the animal meat.

Our Meats are

Pasture Raised

All our animals are free to roam and forage on lush pastures, free from confinement. They are never subjected to any chemical inputs from hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. 

Slow Grown

Our animals are ethically raised and live longer, happier lives than the ‘conveyor belt’ style of intensive farming.

Proper Pasture Breed specific diets
Breed Specific Diets

Our animals are free to forage on pasture. Supplemental feed for those that need it (pigs and chickens) are fed organic, natural feed that nourishes the animal and not ‘filler’ grains.   

Taste Better

Pasture Raised, slow grown animals are not only more nutrient dense but taste better too! 

Organic Chicken Healthy Food Proper Pasture Hong Kong
Proper Pasture Beef

Nutrient dense and clean

Pasture Raised animals consistently show a better nutritional composition compared to conventionally raised animals. Lower fat content, higher in CLA’s, vitamins, minerals and better omega 3 to omega 6 ratios are associated with pasture raised livestock.

Proper Pasture pasture raised animals
Better For Animals

Our animals graze on open pastures and grow at a slower, more natural pace than conventionally raised animals.

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proper pasture regenerative farming
Regenerate The Environment

Our partner farms use regenerative farming methods that bring plants, animals, natural cycles, and the soil back to life.

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