Proper Pasture works directly with farms that share the same core values, pasture raised, ethically farmed and regenerative. All our animals are raised on pasture from farms committed to regenerative agriculture.

Our Organic Grass-fed and Finished Beef and Organic Pork comes from farms in Wiltshire UK, South west, Western Australia and our Organic Chicken comes from New Zealand.

Organic Beef Cheek
Organic Beef Finger
Organic Beef Flap Tail Hotpot Slices
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Organic Beef Mince
from $54.00
Organic Beef Tender
Organic Beef Tongue
from $80.00
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Organic Bone Marrows
from $121.00
Organic Brisket
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Organic Butterfly Chicken
Organic Chicken Breasts
Organic Chicken Carcass
Organic Chicken Drumsticks
Organic Chicken Full Wings
Organic Chicken Leg
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Organic Chicken Liver
Organic Chicken Mid Wings
Organic Chicken Tenders
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Organic Chicken Thighs
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Organic Chicken Wing Tip
Organic Chicken Wingettes & Drumettes
Organic Chilli Lemongrass Chicken Sausages
Organic Chuck Flap Tail Yakiniku
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Organic Chuck Hotpot Dice
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Organic Chuck Hotpot Slices