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Here are the FAQs, you can find your question by category below or drop us a Whatsapp message by clicking the WhatsApp emblem in the bottom right of the screen.

Orders related

We pack your order in an insulated box from our freezer storage room.  Your box is then loaded onto our courier’s refrigerated truck and deliver to you.  Don't worry if you will miss the delivery.  Our courier will reach out to you prior to delivery schedule and can re-deliver with an agreed timeline.  (Providing it’s within our courier general delivery schedule)

The total of your order needs to be above HKD $600, this includes the total after you use a discount code.  Typically, your order will show free shipping at checkout but when you use a discount code it brings you below the HKD $500. If you feel there is an error Whatsapp / Call us @ 9842 3028

Please Whatsapp / Call us @ 9842 3028 and let us know what was missing.

We always welcome new products and ideas. If you are unable to find something that you would like, please let us know - Whatsapp / Call us @ 9842 3028

Absolutely! This is possible if your order has not passed the cut off (3pm each day). Please email cs@properpasture.com with your name, order number and preferred date.

If your order has not been sent out yet, we will do our best to add this to your delivery if the item is in stock and invoice you separately.  Let us know immediately at Whatsapp / Call us @ 9842 3028

Please Whatsapp / Call us @ 9842 3028 with the correct information and we reply back once it’s updated. Note if you order has shipped then order information, including ordered item, address can’t be changed.

If the product is cold to the touch (below 4 – 5 degrees Celsius) the product is safe to eat and suitable for refreezing. If you still encounter further issue, please Whatsapp / Call us @ 9842 3028

Delivery related

We know this is not possible for most people to be at home when their order arrives, so our packing solution will help keep your products food-safe for a few hours. We also place extra ice-packs in your order when it is forecasted to be a hotter day.

We're working with real meat, we do our best to get as close as possible to the declared weight, but there will be some variation – 99.9% of time in your favour!

We ship to remote areas on a regular schedule, please do check out our delivery page or Whatsapp / Call us @ 9842 3028 for more information.

We can deliver at 2 time slots either between 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 7pm. Your delivery comes in packaging that will keep your products food-safe for a few hours if you are not home and prefer us to leave the package at your building reception please Whatsapp / Call us @ 9842 3028.  Please note that this may not be possible.

Oh no, that was not supposed to happen! Please Whatsapp your order number and name to  Whatsapp / Call us @ 9842 3028 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We aim to deliver your products food-safe and your order in full at all times.  Please contact Whatsapp / Call us @ 9842 3028 immediately and we will sort that out for you!

Tips & Advices

On the day we process our product, we snap-freeze to ensure maximum freshness.  Snap freezing our meat also negates the need for any preservatives.

To ensure you get the juiciest, most flavoursome result it’s best to fully thaw meat before cooking. We recommend that Individual cuts are thawed in the fridge for 8 - 12 hours (depending on the cut size) prior to cooking.

The shelf life varies depending on the specific product and packaging format. The best before date is shown on all packaging and indicates when you should consume the product to ensure premium quality – changes start to occur to flavour and texture after this date.  Once you have thawed the meat, we would recommend you consume the meat within 24 hours.

Your Health

In short – yes. Pasture Raised animals consistently show a better nutritional composition compared to conventionally raised animals. Lower fat content, higher in CLA’s, vitamins, minerals and better omega 3 to omega 6 ratios are associated with pasture raised livestock.

Each country has different specifications on what is considered “free range” for a breed of animal. The majority of time free range is a bit of a scam where animals are kept in poor cramped conditions and given a slither of space that they won’t even use. Unfortunately there are not many regulated certifications for a true pasture raised system so you need to be careful when a brand claims it is pasture raised. Do your research on the farm or look for certifications from people like the Soil Association, Pasture for Life, PROOF, Certified Grassfed or Certified Humane.

No. We use no growth accelerants and no synthetic inputs. All our animals are grown naturally with breed specific feed provided by nature.

The quality, taste, and flavor of our meats are directly tied to what our animals eat.  Our farmers grow a diverse range of grasses and plants (They practice regenerative farming obviously). Our animals graze on this natural pasture, expressing their behaviors, and consume the vitamins and minerals of the land. They rotate our animals on a regular basis, based on how many animals we have and when and where the plants are in their growth cycle. Our animals almost never come back to a property until the plants have collected their energy and have regrown. The diversity of species we graze on pasture also helps to create a full-circle ecosystem, which provides the best food for our animals. Our monogastric animals (pigs and chicken) can’t survive on pasture alone and so are given supplementary organic feeds. Our pigs are fed left over organic vegetables, home grown organic oats and cereals and whey from our neighbours who make organic Italian mozzarella! Our chickens are supplemented with homemade organic grains.


We believe in the power of regenerative agriculture and the nutritional benefits of high quality meat. We do not frown upon any diet and support everyone’s right to choose what they want to eat. However, we do believe there is a huge misrepresentation of the environmental impact of meat production and the health benefits of animal proteins.

Our farmers do everything they can to cultivate deeper, healthier, and more sustainable soils.  Soil is one of the most important resources, second only to water.  Our farmers grow diverse plants, mimicking the natural environment. This helps to create a full-circle ecosystem that regenerates on its own. By growing a diverse range of grasses, grains, and legumes, we ensure our animals have the vitamins and minerals they need and have a healthy place to roam.

Our vacuum sealed bags are not just recyclable but also compostable and sustainable.  Our bags are made from cassava root and corn derivatives which can decompose at home in a compost bin.

Standard Vacuum bags - We use these bags when compostable vacuum bags are not compatible with the product (i.e. product with sharp bone). They are made from recycled material and can be recycled themselves We are looking for an economically viable alternative to this product.

Packaging plays a critical role in protecting our food throughout its journey. We are aiming to minimise our packaging and use either recycled/recyclable or compostable materials. You can place your compostable packaging in the bins around HK provided by HK Composting community. Even throwing it in your own bin, the packaging will break down over time (just slower than in compost).  We are always trying to find new ways to limit our environmental footprint.

Our Animals

Our farmers employ low-stress animal handling practices for our animals, which include cattle, chicken, pigs and more. They work hard to provide our animals with the happiest life on the farms. They are there when they’re born, with them every day on pasture, and make sure that they are handled in the most compassionate way when they transition to our processing facility.

Treating our animals with utmost care is central to our mission. All of our farmers follow the highest standards of animal welfare. We know that happier, less stressed animals produce better meat. It’s simply the right thing to do.

Our pigs are heritage British Saddlebacks. These breed produce meat that’s rich in flavour, fat, and color. The pigs forage on the pastures and forested hillsides of the farm. These habitats provide ideal natural environments for pigs. Since our pigs can explore and forage the diverse local landscape.

Our breed mix includes Friesian, Angus, Hereford, and Montbeliarde. Our cattle have been selected for their ability to thrive on a grass diet. We keep calves and cows together for the first 8 to 10 months of the calf’s life, letting the pairs enjoy their days grazing, roaming, resting, and playing. Our beef is certified organic and is harvested at 24-28 months of age. This is much longer than in conventional systems and helps to develop more flavour and nutrition