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Proper Pasture Pasture Raised Organic Meats


“You CAN still eat meat and IMPROVE the environment”

There is a rising narrative that meat production and farming is incredibly damaging to the environment. While we agree that intensive farming model places a huge burden on the environment, it must also be said that not all meat farming is created equal. In fact, farms that utilize regenerative farming practices improve the environment and help to reverse climate change. Our aim is to offer better meat- better for you and better for the environment. We believe regenerative farming is the key to a healthier food production system, healthier food and a healthier planet. This is why we source all our products from farms dedicated to producing in this way. 

Another benefit of regenerative agriculture is the animals and soils are not exposed to harmful synthetic inputs like fertilisers and pesticides which wreak havoc on the environment and our own health. Not only do these inputs destroy the soil but also have downstream effects on our own health. Toxins are held in animals and human fat cells, so animals that have been fed species inappropriate diets consisting of grains, soy or corn or that have been sprayed with pesticides means that inadvertently you will also be consuming them. This sounds like scare-mongering but evidence is now starting to show that consistent consumption of these chemicals are altering our gut microbiome, which houses 80% of our immune system. Herbicides like glyphosate are now being recognised as carcinogenic and potentially responsible for a host of autoimmune diseases.

Our Farms

In short – yes. Pasture Raised animals consistently show a better nutritional composition compared to conventionally raised animals. Lower fat content, higher in CLA’s, vitamins, minerals and better omega 3 to omega 6 ratios are associated with pasture raised livestock.

Each country has different specifications on what is considered “free range” for a breed of animal. The majority of time free range is a bit of a scam where animals are kept in poor cramped conditions and given a slither of space that they won’t even use. Unfortunately there are not many regulated certifications for a true pasture raised system so you need to be careful when a brand claims it is pasture raised. Do your research on the farm or look for certifications from people like the Soil Association, Pasture for Life, PROOF, Certified Grassfed or Certified Humane.

No. We use no growth accelerants and no synthetic inputs. All our animals are grown naturally with breed specific feed provided by nature. 

The quality, taste, and flavor of our meats are directly tied to what our animals eat.  Our farmers grow a diverse range of grasses and plants (They practice regenerative farming obviously). Our animals graze on this natural pasture, expressing their behaviors, and consume the vitamins and minerals of the land. They rotate our animals on a regular basis, based on how many animals we have and when and where the plants are in their growth cycle. Our animals almost never come back to a property until the plants have collected their energy and have regrown. The diversity of species we graze on pasture also helps to create a full-circle ecosystem, which provides the best food for our animals. Our monogastric animals (pigs and chicken) can’t survive on pasture alone and so are given supplementary organic feeds. Our pigs are fed left over organic vegetables, home grown organic oats and cereals and whey from our neighbours who make organic Italian mozzarella! Our chickens are supplemented with homemade organic grains.

Reverses climate change. Nutrient dense food. High animal welfare

Proper Pasture is a climate positive company, with carbon removals from our regenerative grazing practices exceeding the carbon emissions from its operations and supply chain (as calculated per The GHG Protocol Corporate Standard).