Organic Chicken Steak Boneless

Organic Chicken Steak Boneless

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🌏   From New Zealand
🐓   Organic Certified & Pasture Raised
✔️   Halal Certified
👨🏼‍🌾   Ethical Animal Farming
❄️   Ship Frozen Fresh - see more

Perfect for BBQing, baking or slow cooking until the meat falls off the bones. Great with a marinade, a sauce or even just lightly seasoned.

Deep poultry flavour and succulent moist chicken.

BBQ, oven or stew to get the best tasting wings. Excellent when marinated or seasoned with salt and pepper.

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All our animals are free to roam and forage on lush pastures, free from confinement. They are never subjected to any chemical inputs from hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. 



Proper Pasture Breed specific diets

Our animals are free to forage on pasture. Supplemental feed for those that need it (pigs and chickens) are fed organic, natural feed that nourishes the animal and not ‘filler’ grains.